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Ho MacNeil is a full service law office located in Calgary, Alberta, and has been providing legal services in the area for over 35 years. We are an association of independent lawyers that work together to provide services in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin in areas including Real Estate, Wills and Estate, Family Law, Litigation, and                   .        

Are you thinking of purchasing a home? Are you hoping to sponsor a family member to start a life in Canada? Are you dealing with the estate of a loved one? Are you considering ending a marriage? Whether you are celebrating or going through tough time, we understand that dealing with the law can be complicated and tedious. We are committed to helping you resolve legal problems efficiently and effectively so you can focus your time on other things. 


At Ho MacNeil we are committed to putting your needs first, and provide solutions catered to you. Contact us for a consultation today.